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SONICON series Digital Array Microphone Solution

I have cooperated with this company for over 3 years, I like their products which is popular with our customers and trust their service.

—— David

I love the device, 5G wireless mic is great and convenient.It is signal stable, clear voice, and a long working time. This mics worked great at a large board meeting with 100 people in attendance. The meeting went smoothly, without any problems, and was easy to use

—— Judson Watts

We use this set in a small training room for about 18 people . The microphones are good quality and able to pick up voices clearly . Due to the acoustics in the room we do not leave all the mics on all the time but have the participants turn them on when they are speaking, then turn them off afterwards.

—— Villella

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SONICON series Digital Array Microphone Solution
Latest company news about SONICON series Digital Array Microphone Solution

Meeting is an important part of the enterprise or negotiation, choosing a suitable meeting products is often a headache,we all want the beautiful, functional and stable products.
Don’t know how to select?Today I'm going to show you how to pick an array of microphones to successfully capture the hearts of your customers!

Let's start with an actual project.
The client's conference room uses a white marble conference table, so don't want to use a traditional microphone, don't have the constraints of a gooseneck mic, the most important is the pickup distance must be far!
Acceptance Criteria:
Conference unit placed lateralize between 0.8 meters, field test pickup distance of 1.2 meters, no whistling response!

According to the client requirements and combined with the actual application scene,we selected the following products to complete the conference room layout.
Product solution: SONICON Array Microphone Conference System
Microphone Model: VIS-DAC-T Solves the problem of microphone pickup range.
Processor model: VIS-DCP2000-R with DSP/ANC processing noise cancellation
Feedback model: VIS-FS100-A Handling of whistles due to excessive sensitivity

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VIS-DAC-T / VIS-DAD-T Digital Array Microphone Chairman/Delegate Unit
The sleek curved exterior design, coupled with the all-aluminum alloy plated housing, not only effectively avoids fingerprints when touched but also shields against the outside world from electromagnetic interference.The left side of the front panel has a single LED microphone indicator, capacitive touch red for on, white for off.

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1.Exquisite Design, without traditional long MIC point to speaking person.
2.Built-in DSP processing
VISSONIC full digital system with the latest DSP processing circuit, comes with AEC, AGC, AFC function.
AFC adaptive feedback cancellation - independent adaptive feedback cancellation to quickly eliminate howling frequency
AEC echo cancellation technology - eliminating remote video conferencing terminals, echoes from remote audio conferences
ANC automatic noise canceling technology - can identify the noise gate through which human voice passes, effectively eliminating environmental noise
Each unit comes with an FPGA chip with 16-band EQ and sensitivity adjustment.
3. ARRA-Tech,to create unique corridor type acoustic pickup area. The sound pickup distance is no less than 80cm. You always can find a comfortable position to talk freely.
4. SOUND ACTIVATE technology, people can speak without press button, the unit will detect the sound and automatically turn on MIC.
5. Standard CAT5e and RJ45 connectors are used in microphone to provide more convenient on connection and maintenance.
6. The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieve full-digital signal transmission and processing, completely avoid the RF interference from cell phone or similar devices. DSP processor inside central controller preventing the system howling.
7. Central controller support DANTE output, internal DSP processor preventing the MIC howling, camera Auto-tracking function.
8. Strong system robust by the "Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection technology
9. Support plug and play.

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Conference Processor:
The reason for choosing the VIS-DCP2000-R conference processor is simple.
It is an important part of future conference room upgrades,this time the user chose the array of wired form factor,but in the future, the processor supports the direct use of 5GWIFI wireless conference system and multifunctional conference system,easy to add wireless microphone or change products next time in the meeting room.
We've deployed the function of audio partitioning in many projects,the function supports 2-4 conference rooms in parallel in a conference processor to use, manage and maintain, and support one processor to hold meetings for multiple conference rooms at the same time without disturbing each other.


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