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VISSONIC Paperless Multi-Media System

I have cooperated with this company for over 3 years, I like their products which is popular with our customers and trust their service.

—— David

I love the device, 5G wireless mic is great and convenient.It is signal stable, clear voice, and a long working time. This mics worked great at a large board meeting with 100 people in attendance. The meeting went smoothly, without any problems, and was easy to use

—— Judson Watts

We use this set in a small training room for about 18 people . The microphones are good quality and able to pick up voices clearly . Due to the acoustics in the room we do not leave all the mics on all the time but have the participants turn them on when they are speaking, then turn them off afterwards.

—— Villella

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VISSONIC Paperless Multi-Media System
Latest company news about VISSONIC Paperless Multi-Media System


With the development of IT technology and the popularity of the concept of green, low carbon and environmental protection, paperless multimedia conference system has gradually become a trend for conferencing.


NETLINK G1 series is a paperless multimedia conference system specially tailored for party and government, public institutions and large group enterprises to cope with the increasing number of expert meetings, executive meetings, review meetings, training meetings, summary meetings and so on.


Traditional meetings print a large amount of meeting materials and consume a large amount of paper each time. A large amount of manpower and time before the meeting are wasted, which not only increases the financial cost, but also does not adapt to the development of the information age.


NETLINK G1 series paperless multimedia conference system uses display screen instead of traditional paper, uses network technology to get through the information of each seat, and realizes information sharing and conference interaction. Designed with flexible, practical, efficient and energy-saving concepts has the functional Features: of “reservation before the conference”, “guidance and assistance during the conference”, “summary and export after the conference”, and realizes efficient green conference.



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